About Me

Pin itI am a portrait and wedding photographer and I love it! I can appreciate a beautiful sunset or mountain vista, just like anyone, but for me photography is about making a personal connection with my subject. Great images happen when my clients relax and have a good time. My goal is to hear you say, “Yes!,” when I ask if you had fun during your session.

My images are creative, clean and crisp.  Accurate skin tones and natural colors in scenes that pop are my goal. I feel confident working in natural light and can adapt to changing environments with a variety of off-camera lighting. While most of my images remain natural, vibrant and colorful, I also love to throw in a few effects that add to the drama or emotional impact.

I take my job seriously and have traveled from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to work with some of the top portrait and wedding photographers in the country over the last few years.  As a professional photographer, my goal is to continually exceed your expectations and my hat is off to the following people that have helped me along the way:

Greg Gorman, Los Angeles, CA – Celebrity Photographer, PPA Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeff Lipsky, Santa Monica, CA – Celebrity Photographer

David Robin, New York, NY – Commercial & Fine Art Photographer

Cliff Mautner, Haddonfield, NJ – Top Ten Wedding Photographer by American Photo Magazine, WPPI Lifetime Achievement Award

Parker J Pfister, Asheville, NC – Top Ten Wedding Photographer by American Photo Magazine

Katelyn James, Richmond, VA – Wedding Photographer & Educator