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Ariane and Cillian were married in Alvarado, VA, on the banks of the Holston River, this past August. Their wedding was an incredible celebration of this couple, who met two years ago while they both were attending a summer theatre workshop near Cillian’s home, in Ireland. While an ocean separated them, their feelings for one another grew and numerous trips were made to meet and spend time with one another’s family and friends. Though they chose to be married in Virginia, it was a celebration filled with Irish dancing and singing, along with the very best southern hospitality. This one was truly special and it is my privilege to share some of the highlights from their wedding day.


Special thank you to the following vendors:

Flowers – Blue Door Garden
Wedding Dress – Shareen Bridal
Catering – Whiskey Rebellion
Wedding Cake – Blackbird Bakery

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Fourth of July – a day for celebration, fun, and American pride. To honor the occasion, Jaime met up with me and another friend on a beautiful Summer afternoon to capture the American spirit, and gave me some of her thoughts on the holiday:



What is your favorite Fourth of July memory from your childhood?


I used to play in the Lebanon town orchestra every Fourth. Immediately following the big parade, the orchestra would perform lots of great American tunes. It was always a super fun time, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it as well.

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What are the must have foods for your Fourth of July celebration?


So, I’m kind of weird when it comes to food because I’m not a fan of hamburgers or hotdogs – and those are the biggest Fourth of July foods. But luckily my family is super great and makes other fabulous foods. We cookout and have boneless chicken thighs and bratwursts, which are both so delicious. And watermelon, of course, for dessert!

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If you could be anywhere for the 4th, where would you be?


Although I’m sure there are some incredible parties in New York or Miami, there is truly only one place I’d rather be for this holiday – Philadelphia, PA. I mean, how amazing would it be to spend the 4th in the city where independence become more than just a farfetched idea?

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So, what are the must haves for the perfect celebration?


Friends/family, great food, fireworks, croquet, a patriotic playlist, and freedom.


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As a music lover, I have to ask what your favorite song about America is, and why?


Either American by Lana Del Rey or American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I love American by LDR because of the general atmosphere and mood of the song, it’s just so beautiful. It also references two huge American icons, Elvis and Springsteen. My favorite line is “be young, be dope, be proud like an American,” because I feel as though it truly embodies the American spirit. As far as American Girl goes, do I even need to explain why it’s the best? It’s just a great, fun song and Tom Petty is the man. Enough said.

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When do you feel most patriotic?


I usually feel most patriotic when I attend a major league baseball game and everyone stands to sing the National Anthem, or when they honor our servicemen and women. There is just something magical about 30,000 people, regardless of their team, singing along to the anthem together.


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What makes you feel patriotic?


It’s a sad answer, but a lot of the time tragedies make myself (and others) feel patriotic because of how Americans work together afterwards. Following 9/11, Americans came together to support each other and the president. For that moment in American history, citizens set aside many barriers and divisions and acted as one whole unit. On a lighter note, literally just jean shorts, cowboy hats, and Budweiser all make me feel patriotic.  


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Time to get serious, as a political science/history major, do you have a different perspective on 4th of July?


So, one thing I feel like I am obligated to say as a history major, it would make much more sense to celebrate on July 2nd – the way John Adams predicted and intended. Independence was truly declared on the 2nd, but July 4th was the day the news was sent to the printer and distributed to the colonies. I don’t think John Adams ever got over this inaccuracy, but America has done just fine with it. The Fourth of July really makes me feel how every American should feel today – pretty good. By no means is America perfect, there have been, and still are, tons of issues both on the local and national level; but America is a story of the underdog winning. Just a bunch of rebels and freethinkers who had had a bit too much of George’s nonsense. It inspires me because it proves that fundamental change is possible with enough passion and hard work. So, even when all the odds are against you, never give up fighting for what you believe in – think of what would have happened if our founding fathers did. ‘MURICA.


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It is always great to work with a repeat client, but the expectation to top your previous work goes along with it. Lucky for me, we had a beautiful day and a great couple, who were willing to try new things along with just having some fun. Holly’s dress was a wonderful match to the blue-green waters of Holston Lake and Pen’s Floral created the perfect boutonnière and corsage to complete the look. Special thanks to Jodi Shaffer for helping with lighting. I’m already looking forward to next year!


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Lauren and Nick chose classic details and traditional vows as they were married at Fort Myer Old Post Chapel in Arlington, VA on a crisp January afternoon. Following a cocktail hour and dinner at the Army Navy Country Club, their closest friends (and family) toasted the newly married couple and then celebrated with dancing. This group really knew how to have a great time and Lauren and Nick were surrounded by love throughout their wedding day – just as it should be.

Coordination for the event was handled by Kelly K. Events. 

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    Lovely, just lovely! Such great pictures, but as amazing as they are they cant possibly capture the true happiness and love felt by all. Had such a great time.ReplyCancel

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to get together with family & friends and celebrate – but it can also be a great time to share exciting news. I am so happy for these two and glad to know that their little one will enjoy these portraits some day – seeing their love for one another and their excitement in becoming parents.

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