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Lauren and Nick – Fort Myer Old Post Chapel & Army Navy Country Club – Arlington, VA – January 14, 2017

Lauren and Nick chose classic details and traditional vows as they were married at Fort Myer Old Post Chapel in Arlington, VA on a crisp January afternoon. Following a cocktail hour and dinner at the Army Navy Country Club, their closest friends (and family) toasted the newly married couple and then celebrated with dancing. This group really knew how to have a great time and Lauren and Nick were surrounded by love throughout their wedding day – just as it should be.

Coordination for the event was handled by Kelly K. Events. 

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  • Melissa Mohen03/04/2017 - 7:40 am

    Lovely, just lovely! Such great pictures, but as amazing as they are they cant possibly capture the true happiness and love felt by all. Had such a great time.ReplyCancel

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