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Ariane and Cillian – Alvarado, VA

Ariane and Cillian were married in Alvarado, VA, on the banks of the Holston River, this past August. Their wedding was an incredible celebration of this couple, who met two years ago while they both were attending a summer theatre workshop near Cillian’s home, in Ireland. While an ocean separated them, their feelings for one another grew and numerous trips were made to meet and spend time with one another’s family and friends. Though they chose to be married in Virginia, it was a celebration filled with Irish dancing and singing, along with the very best southern hospitality. This one was truly special and it is my privilege to share some of the highlights from their wedding day.


Special thank you to the following vendors:

Flowers – Blue Door Garden
Wedding Dress – Shareen Bridal
Catering – Whiskey Rebellion
Wedding Cake – Blackbird Bakery

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